Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Christian Infantes

Hey and welcome to the last Classmate Conversation ever (or at least in Art 110)! I’ve met so many interesting and cool people in this class, and it’s sad that this is ending. What I’ve learned about people in this class is that we are all our person and we look at things with different perspectives. Instead of dismissing this, I think it’s important to try to understand where they are coming from and why they are a certain way. So for my last classmate conversation is Christian Infantes!

Christian Infantes is a first-year student at California State University, Long Beach currently undeclared. He is debating into majoring in film, which was really interesting for me to hear because I’m a film major myself. I gave him a lot of advice and how my perspective on it is, which I think helped him deciding. He is commuting from the South Bay area but is also skating around campus to get to his classes. He just started skating but look like such a skater! This summer he started music production and is also teaching how to play the piano. This is really impressive and makes me want to start something this summer too. He loves music in film and that is something he wants to do besides directing. He took art classes in high school and that’s how he got into art. He has an older brother and a half sister, but none of them are living at home so he is living alone with his mom.

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