Week 14 – Sketching in the Japanese Garden

I’ve waited for this activity this entire semester – sketching in the Japanese Garden! Yeyyy! The Japanese Garden at CSULB is probably my favorite place on campus because it’s not only aesthetic beautiful but because I really get time to relax and meditate about life. It couldn’t be a better perfect with finals and everything coming up! And also since I live in the dorms at Parkside, I literally live less than a minute away from it.

The activity divided into five different parts with different ways to draw. The first part was ten sketches drawn for under 30 seconds, the second part was to draw something I liked in 5 minutes, the third part was drawing your hand in 5 minutes, the fourth part was to draw something abstract and the last part was to draw to whatever else you wanted to draw. I think the first part was a really good start because it really made me “wake up” and get my drawing skills (or not) back again. I haven’t drawn in a really long time, but drawing again feels so nice, especially in such a peaceful place as the Japanese Garden.

Photo May 03, 18 34 39

As you can see here, this isn’t the best quality of drawings. This is because all these drawings are drawn under 30 seconds. I decided to draw each part of the Japanese Garden for 30 seconds and put them together as one photo instead of drawing one piece ten times.

Photo May 03, 18 34 54

The second part of the activity was the first 5-minute drawing where you can see a big difference between the previous photo and this. Because I already had started to draw and because I had a longer time, the result was way better this time.

Photo May 03, 18 35 13

In this last photo that I’m going to show you, the point was to draw something as realistic as possible. I’m not the best drawer, but I tried to make the fish look like a fish and the plant look like a plant.

Overall, this was a very fun and relaxing activity that I wish we could do more, but I’m happy we had this as late as now because it fits perfectly with finals right around the corner.



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