Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Alex Gonzales

Hi and welcome back to another classmate conversation!

This week I met another film major, imagine that! I guess film is a popular major to study at Cal State Long Beach. Alex Gonzales is a first-year student who commutes from Los Angeles every day. In the beginning, his brother used to drive him to school, but just recently he got his driver license. He used to hate taking the shuttle bus because he always bumped his head in the door. This happened because he always was too tired in the mornings. On his free time, he plays baseball and is also into fashion. His favorite color is green and his favorite dish is steak and potatoes, which is actually the same as mine. Alex used to have blond hair just like me but got it accidently cut off. When he went to the hairdresser, the hairdresser thought he said wanted his entire blond cut off, while in fact he only wanted to cut the sides. Luckily for Alex, he didn’t care too much and thought it was good with a change anyways.

Photo Apr 26, 13 51 57


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