Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvàtica (wild)

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

About The Artist

Laura Lopez is a senior at California State University, Long Beach and is about to complete here MFA degree in painting. As younger, she was interested in nature and plants and is why her exhibition is about that. Lopez is also Mexican and loves to hike and being creative on her free time. Laura has also several siblings who mean a lot to her because family is important in the Mexican culture. Laura was originally into photography but decided to pursue her career in painting because of the way she feels a bigger connection to the art through painting.

Formal Analysis

Selvàtica (wild) is an exhibition based on paintings related to our nature showed through colors, objects, and animals. There are several canvases in different sizes showing a different view of nature through the different colors and shapes. The paintings have unnatural colors, meaning that the trees and nature are colored in pink, blue, purple and every color that don’t supposedly reflect reality. What every painting has similar are trees. The trees have lines and patterns in different colors. It’s not as much of the entire tree as in the leafs and upper area, but rather the tribe and roots. Most of the paintings only show the forest and the trees with some elements of grass and ground, while some of the paintings also show animals.

Photo Apr 26, 13 40 42

An example of that is this photo. As shown, the painting shows a cat or some type of cat who’s separated between two parts of nature, shown through different colors. This is personally my favorite photo because I think it’s beautifully made with all the patterns and elements of nature in different colors connected together.

Content Analysis

There’s no secret that her inspiration is the nature and the jungle. She states that she has always been fascinated about the way nature builds and creates all sort of life forms and how they are interconnected and grow together as a whole in a natural ecosystem.  Her work is inspired by the philosophy of Pantheism, which envisioned the whole universe as full of spirit, and the intelligence of all life as a whole spiritual reality. Much of her work explores how pattern and color function as structural elements to build imagery and composition, and construct a visual narrative about the natural world. She wants to express the idea of organic growth in natural ecosystem as the jungle and other wild forests. She later mentions how she is interested in the notion of time evolving and how plants grow through expanding movement in space. For her, this exhibition means a lot because she sees the jungle as her true home, as the place she comes from.

Photo Apr 26, 13 40 15

Synthesis/My Experience

What I found different with this exhibition was how Laura related her art to science. Often art comes from personal experience, and while her experiences with nature are also seen as an experience, it’s much more than that. I loved how she was fascinated about the interconnection in nature and how every organism grows and is very essential to our environment. This is interesting because science and art are very opposite forms of expression and while science is scientific proofed, art is up to each person to define. That’s why I found it very interesting that she combined these forms and put the together.



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