Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu

Exhibition Information

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence In The USA 

Media: Stickers, Projector, Video,

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: yujicagu.squarespace.com

About The Artist

Yujia Gu is a graduate student who is currently enrolled in the MFA in graphic design at California State University, Long Beach. Yuija is originally from China, but decided to come to here because of the weather and the best program for her major. She also used to live in New York before she came here. She currently lives in Fresno and liked art her entire life, but wants to major in bio. At her free time she likes to hike and going to LA, eat at Urth cafe and play the saxophone. As for the art, she has always loved, she is inspired by her mother and started this gallery 3 years ago.

Formal Analysis

“Tracing Gun Violence in the U.S.” is an exhibition by Yujica Gu featuring the gun violence in the country. It includes mass shootings, comparisons of gun violence among different countries, the number of children killed by guns since Newtown and more. This is presented through a statistic template of stickers on the wall. She also has info-graphic mapping used to point out the places where gun violence happened during the last 72 hours in the U.S. and the number of people who were shot every day on the LED display. This entire exhibition is shown in two colors – red and black, where red are the people killed and black the people who are still alive in a statistic comparison. The entire wall is a big and sad poem about the gun violence in the U.S. One of the wall has a poem of stickers of words and guns shaped as a gun all over. Another wall has all the names in red of people who died in mass shootings. Addition to this, there is a projector of neighborhoods that there have been shootings and a screening of faces of people that have died.

Photo Apr 12, 14 25 50

Content Analysis

The idea of this exhibition is very straightforward I believe. It’s basically about the gun violence in the U.S and how important it is to know about this because it’s happening more than people think. Yuija stated that her mom heard that international student was getting killed by a gun so that she decided to do research on this. She was surprised by the results she got and want people to be aware of these real numbers. The purpose of this exhibition is, therefore, to make people realize how serious the gun violence is. Lots of gun violence happens in our daily lives and people are often not aware of this. She wants to give a clear presentation and inform them about the gun violence happening around us.

Photo Apr 12, 14 25 31

Synthesis/My Experience

I already knew a lot about the gun violence in the U.S., which I’m totally against, but seeing the statistics and footage as an artwork really wakes me up. It makes me realize that the world is cruel and that the U.S. gun policy is ridiculous. Compared to other countries, U.S is in the clear lead of shooting episodes, which makes me really scared but also blessed that I’m not from the U.S. I think this exhibition was very important because it’s the first exhibition I’ve seen that is a political issue like this. Gu is not hiding any of this by censorship or whitewashing this, which is great because the truth is right in front of us, presented in this gallery.



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