Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Andrew Cox & German

Hi again! It’s been a while since I’ve had a classmate conversation it feels like. This week we had a different type of classmate conversation because this week we were having it with 3 and not 2 people. This made it very interesting because we needed to take the turn in talking and asking not only one, but two people. Since I’ve already met Herman and written about him and the experience of meeting him, I thought of leaving it simple and just explaining Drew’s part.

Drew Cox or Andrew Cox which is his full name is a first-year film student just like German and I. It was so interesting when we asked about major and he was actually majoring the same as us. What’s the chance of meeting three people with the same major? Anyways, to continue with what I was talking about. Drew is also from Long Beach just like German and they also have some mutual friends. He went to Lakewood High School where he used to run cross country. Addition to this, he skates (he had a bright pink skateboard with him, how awesome isn’t that?Photo Apr 12, 14 43 04



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