Wk 10 – USU Wedge

In this week’s activity, we were asked to redesign the USU wedge, located at Cal State Long Beach next to the bus stop, before you enter the USU. As many have noticed, there is a way to sneak your way through, so you spare time by not going around the “wall”. I remember seeing a post about “20 things every student at CSULB do” and this was one of the things. I didn’t understand it truly until I started here, walking through that pathway every single day. Because so many people know about this shortcut, it ends up with being a line there most of the time and you may actually not save any time to go this way unless there’s no one there. Many of the times I’ve been going there, I need to wait for the person on the other side to walk through because the shortcut is so tiny only one and one person can go a time.

This is the USU wedge from the front, going to class most of the times

Photo Apr 05, 14 15 57

This is the USU wedge from the back, normally walking back from class

Photo Apr 05, 14 16 07

As you can see, there is only a small gap that you can walk through, which creates lines and waiting a lot of the times.

I redesigned the architectural design by simply removing the black wall, and adding another white “pole” in the corner next to the one that’s already there. This makes the corner stronger to hold its weights but removes the confusing wall that is constructed. Another thing I changed was that I removed the bench closest to us in the picture because I believe that one is enough and because it seems to not fit there. There is already a bench closer to the bus stop, which is what I assume is the reasoning for adding them there in the first place, but as I have noticed few people actually wait on those benches.

The ads that are placed on the black wall, can easily be removed and put on the wall on the other side without complicating things even more.  I think this construction is confusing and complicates because of the unnecessary gap and the extra bench that only takes up space where you are supposed to walk, not sit.

photo-apr-09-16-07-12.jpg This is a sketch I did of the front side of the wedge. The green dots are items I added in my redesign, while the red dots are items I removed.

Photo Apr 09, 16 06 17Sketch from the backside (inside) of the wedge



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