Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Exhibition Information

Artist: David DeSantis

Exhibition: Day Dreamer

Media: Ink, Spray, Glass, Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: @rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is a senior at California State University Long Beach, on his way to completing his BFA in printmaking. He decided to attend CSULB because it’s one of the top art school in the west coast and because they have an expensive lab printmaking studio that he is very interested in. Other than art, he likes playing pool and snowboarding and is very interested in the music genre dubstep which is a huge influence in this exhibition. He started his passion for art when he was 18 years old, but did graphic design at that point. He drew motorcycles but found out that wasn’t what he wanted to continue with. He likes graphic design, but not the idea of advertising and making the news. There’s also a lot of typography in graphic design which he doesn’t think leaves enough room for creativity. He did one tour around the building and switched his major that same day to printmaking because of the fancy equipment that he saw.

Formal Analysis

Day Dreaming is an exhibition by David DeSantos, featuring several prints of fluid abstract expressionism. The prints are a mix of different lines, forms, and colors, some without any object and others with. Some of his works that are drawn as objects are the objects of a monster or a scary, unknown form. His work embraces accidental abstract forms and shapes in various manners with the meanings left to the viewer’s imagination. The process starts with a piece of glass that he desires and a set of sharp tools. He then composes the image and abstract the art making around it. He then uses plexiglass that puts over the drawing and cut into the plexiglass then make ridges and then stick ink into it. He uses a thick layer of ink like butter to spray in the end and apply pressure with press.

Photo Mar 22, 14 25 59

This is an example of one of his pieces, showing an abstract form of art. This print shows us different shapes and forms from painting and carved out from tools. Because this is a very abstract photo, the viewer can interpret it as he or she like.

Photo Mar 22, 14 26 08

This is, however, a different type of art, showing an object within the abstract lines and ideas that he wanted. This painting is showing a face or a mask of a creature that can be interpreted as anything.

These two pieces of art are somewhat different, yet similar. The main idea of abstraction and expressionism is greatly shown in both works. David shows us that there are different ways of expressing something or an idea.

Content Analysis

This exhibition is a very abstract one, which is often difficult to understand or read. People often have a variety of ideas linked to this exhibition because of this. However, after taking with David, it was easier to pinpoint what this exhibition actually is about. He states that the theme was to explore the creativity of art appeal under appreciation. Through either paper or canvas. He later states that this exhibition is inspired by the derive expand of abstract and chaos, connected with the artist with it. Much of his work comes from music. He listens to music and starts making art through that. He either listens to one song on repeat until he gets tired of it, or he listens to a series of songs by one artist or inspired by a group of artists. His emotional connection detaches the meaning to that song, which is how his work of art is expressed. And because this is an abstract expressionism, it’s very much up to one to figure out the meaning behind i.

Synthesis/My Experience

What I really liked about this exhibition and that is the first time I’ve heard of is that he is using his music as inspiration. Not just as a general statement about music, but as he is making his paintings, he is actually listen to loud out music and letting the music to form his art. Music is something I personally listen to every day and that have an important meaning to me through the lyrics and songs. Music is a very personal aspect of one’s life because each song has a different meaning for each person, just like his exhibition. When I want to escape, it’s often through music. When I write or do homework I listen to music to deeper concentrate and isolate me from the world. I also think that’s why his art is so abstract – because he lets the music control his body and way to make art, which is often through lines and shapes, not through detailed objects.




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