Wk 8 – Finger Painting

This week’s activity was really fun because I love to paint and use my creativity as I like. For this activity, we were going to finger paint with no subject, much like the automatic drawing challenge, just by ourselves. The materials I used for this was:

– 22×30 sheet of paper (same as Automatic Drawing)

– Watercolors (purple, pink, red, blue)


I didn’t really have any intentions with this painting other than I wanted to use my favorite color, purple and different shades of colors. Because I love the ocean, I tried to paint an interpretation of the ocean but with the use of purple colors. As you are may be confused by, it doesn’t really look like much of the ocean. I wanted to create something new and modern and a way to create something with no guidelines on how it should be. The top of the painting was supposed to look the pier, then the middle part was the ocean and the last part the fish or creatures in it. I originally wanted the colors to fade from light purple to dark purple, but because that didn’t really work out as I had planned – the shades of purple were more of a mixture.

It was more difficult than I thought because I kept leaning my hands on the table and getting my clothes dirty because I forgot I had painted on them. It was also very different to paint with my fingers rather than a brush, but I actually liked it more because you feel more connected to your painting because you are directly painting, not through a tool. The only thing I didn’t like was how messy it was and that it kept distracting me from what I wanted to paint.



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