Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – German Lomeli

So, this week’s artist conversation is kind of funny because I actually hung out with German later this week without realizing he also was in my Art 110 class! German Lomeli and I have a mutual friend who I was hanging out with last weekend. I was hanging in his dorm with his suite mates and one of them was German. It was a funny coincidence that I met him in class just a couple of days later.

German Lomeli is born and raised in Long Beach. This is his first year at California State University, Long Beach and like myself, he is a film major. It’s funny that we never mentioned our classes because we talked about how we both were film majors. German decided to live in the dorms, even though he is from Long Beach for the same reason as me – the college experience. German has a Youtube channel where he uploads some of his short movies that he has made, which I find really cool because I also do that. It was really interesting to get to know German a bit more although the fact that we already have met.




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