Wk 7 -Classmate Conversation – Christian Infantes

I met Christian in one of the galleries and we sat down on the bench and started talking. I was the first one who introduced myself and what my major was – film production. Christian and I bonded really fast because he also had an interest in film. He is now a first-year with an undeclared major but is debating on majoring in film. Like me, he also really likes cinematography and production in film. Christian commutes to school from the South Bay Area where he is from. As for his hobbies, he is doing music production that he just started with during this summer. He has a huge passion for music and wants to learn how to play the piano. He also wants to make music for films and connect those different forms of art. He took some art and film classes in high school, which is when he just started liking film and art. Another hobby of his that he just started doing is skating. He had his skateboard in his lap as we were talking and he skates around the campus every day to class. Christian has an older brother and a half sister, but they’ve both moved out so he lives alone with his mother. It was a really nice conversation with Christian because we had a lot in common like film and Los Angeles cultures.

Photo Mar 08, 15 33 09



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