Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan

Exhibition Information

Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition: Stop & Stare

Media: Dirt, Window, and Screens

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gastov Gallery

Instagram: @eroznovan

About The Artist

Elena Roznovan is a graduate MFA student at Cal State Long Beach, majoring in sculpturing. Before she came here, she was an undergraduate student at Maryland College of Art. She started sculpturing only two years ago because that’s when she moved to California. She wanted to come to California because she is inspired by the light and space and this is where it interacts. She started as a painter but then moved over to interactive insulation. In addition to her passion for painting and sculpturing, she likes to write. Her writing is a huge influence in her art because she thinks about what she wants to do when she writes. She also likes to collect vinyl and spend time outside like hiking.

Formal Analysis

“Stop & Stare” is an exhibition consisting of one piece of art collected by several individual pieces. The project is based on a video projector showing different backgrounds such as landscapes. In the front we see several windows hanging down and the projector lighting through the windows, which creates an interesting work of art. There are three windows in different sizes and angles, hanging down from the rooftop. Every window has their own color of class so that the reflection from the projector and light creates a shadow of the figure on the wall. The moving image is a technologically mediated 2D window containing 4D content that is a representation of a 3D experience. Roznovan re-constructed the gallery space so that the environment challenge the validity of represented experiences.

 Content Analysis

Photo Mar 08, 15 03 39

This is one of the most abstract exhibitions I’ve ever seen, which makes it difficult to understand what it is about without any background information. There are no words, no letters, no music or no communication other than one projector and three mirrors reflecting different colors. What does that mean? Is the point about this that you can read it as you like with no correct answer?

When talking to the artist, I started to realize more what this exhibition was about. She mentioned the idea of how the phenomenon on film doesn’t happen entirely. Through technology, we can decide what we get from it and that’s what she tries to show screens, lightbox and polaroid transparency.  She mentions that photographs are more beautiful and readable and that the light is very important to her. The only way to control it is by canceling all the light except for the light she is using. I believe that her art is a way to challenge our way of thinking and expectations.

Synthesis/My Experience

Personally, it made me think about the perspective and mindset we have today. Everything we do and everything we think is based on our perspective on the world. This perspective is being built in the first part of your life and is extremely hard to change. Once you’re taught a certain way, it’s hard to change. That’s why our childhood is so extremely important. Our childhood often haunts us – good or bad, but somehow it comes back at us. When you grow up and learn about the world and yourself, that’s when you start to form. But still then it’s hard to change. You are used to a certain way of living or thinking and you’re often at a point where you don’t have enough knowledge to think different.


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