Wk 6 – Artist Conversation (Short Story)


Exhibition: Dank Memes

Artist: Carmina Correa


CSULB College of Art

In a world where the animals are in control and humans are the underdogs.  This world shows us how humans are treating animals and vice versa. Humans are either entertainment, food or company (if you are cute), without any else value. Humans are trying to gain the power back, but it doesn’t matter. The animals are bigger, stronger and have more resources than we could ever have. They have the technology and powers to destroy us within seconds, whereas we fight for our lives every day without no purpose because it’s never going to change unless they understand it themselves. We live in a selfish world where everyone is looking out for themselves.

Most of us don’t matter. Most of the human race have no meaning for the superior animals in our world, even though we are needed for our planet. We are an important resource, but the animals don’t seem to see it like that. The lucky ones who do matter are the good looking ones. They can be bought or sold to animals and get a decent life. It varies a lot. Some humans who are sold to rich families or families that are human-friendly can get a very good life. Food, a place to live, company and love. However, this is not the case for every human that are living with animals. Some are cruel to humans because they look weird because they didn’t know the responsibility having a human or just in general because they can.

As mentioned, humans are important for this planet. One of the reasons why we are so important to the animals is because our skin has important vitamins and proteins in us that are important for the animals nutrition. They kill, hunt and eat us. Some animals are crueler than others, not caring about the process how we get killed. Others, the human-friendly ones are making sure either already were dead or didn’t get tortured during this process. It’s still all evil without much consideration from the majority.

Our world is fake and just an evil circle for most of us. There is no way we can escape unless we physical escape to a place where the animals have no interaction with us, but not that many can go to those places. We need food, a place to live and a plan to get there, but that’s what I one day dream of. Living in a world where humans can live in the free. Compete as humans do. Live as humans do. I believe



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