Wk 5 – Automatic Drawing

When I read that this week’s activity was to draw I was scared. Personally, I’m not the best drawer, but luckily this wasn’t any “normal” drawing activity. We were going to work with a partner, close our eyes and let our “spirit” draw for us. The materials we used for this project was:

  • Drawing paper 22×30 “Rives BFK”
  • Table as a surface to draw on
  • Oil Crayons

Before we started I thought “how are we going to draw this with our eyes closed?”. It seemed strange to not like the art we were making, but I guess that’s the part of the art. We let our mind and our spirit guide us the way, which ended up being very interesting. I thought it was either going to be a mess or something so weird you can interpret millions of ideas into.



1. We started with placing our drawing paper on the table with two chairs on each side of the table.

2. After we got everything in place, we choose the first color we wanted to start to draw with. We both chose blue because it’s our favorite color and because we find peace in that color, which is what we related to this project.

3. We both put our hands or fingers on the crayons, closed our eyes and started to draw. In the beginning, it felt weird because it felt like we were just drawing circles on circles. We also laughed a lot in the beginning because of this.

4. After we used the first blue crayon, we changed our color to a lighter blue and did the same thing.

5. As the last color we chose was green because we wanted something different, but still, a color that related to the calm and relaxing feeling we wanted. The last color was when we really speeded up the pace. Both of the blue colors were drawing somewhat the similar circles, here and there in different sizes, but when we used the green crayon, some of our anger came out which drew a harder pressure at one place on the drawing paper.



The result was three messy circles randomly (or not) drawn on a sheet of paper. The result was much of what I thought it would look like, but somewhat smaller than I had imagined. When we drew with our eyes closed, it felt like we were using more space than we actually did. Another factor that was annoying was the fact that the paper was moving around on the table as we drew, which could have been good or bad. I guess it gave us more of a variety even though it doesn’t look like much of a difference. When we were drawing our last round with the green crayon I remember we felt restless and we wanted to get the frustration out so we started to pressure the crayon harder. As you can see, some of the greens are more compact exactly because of that.



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