Wk 4 – Art Care Package

I was very excited for this week’s activity because I was supposedly going to send my friend back home a letter when I first moved here, but that somehow never happened – until now. Since I moved from Norway to California we’ve talked about sending each other letters every month. That turned out to be harder than we thought because none of us ended up doing it. On the other side, since it’s been a half year since I moved here, I’ve experienced a lot, which I’m going to share with her through the things I’ve gotten.


These items are a collection of my experience here so far. Many of these items reflect the typical “American college experience”, which is a huge reason why I moved here. My friend knows of most of the things I did, but I thought it would be interesting to actually send her a physical proof of some of it. The package includes:

  • Photos with my friend from my very first American homecoming #LBSU #GOBeach
  • A little journal with the title “everything is going to be alright”
  • Two tickets from the Water Polo Game against USC and San Jose State
  • Quarters
  • A Vietnamese hand fan I’ve used a lot since I came here (SoCal weather)
  • A card of stamps from all the games I’ve been to
  • The wristband I got when I went to the hospital here after one week
  • A sticker from an art museum
  • The brochure from when I rushed the Panhellenic Sorority of Fall 2016
  • My name tag from when I rushed
  • Raffles
  • My wristband from an event arranged by ASI called “Smorgasport”

The similarities between sending someone an ACP and a Snapchat is that we send someone something we want them to see, often from something we have experienced. While a Snapchat only lasts for up to 10 seconds, an ACP package lasts. The main point is still there although a Snapchat is through social media and an ACP through mail. Both ways are creative and memorable, but for difference purposes and maybe to different people. If you’re going on a trip to Paris and want to show that to your friends, the easiest way is probably through Snapchat. You take a photo and it reaches them within seconds. On the other hand, if you want them to get a deeper connection or if there are personal feelings behind it, an ACP with a mini Eiffel tower or a postcard may be the way to go.

I think that ephemera is interesting because it shows you the value of something in that moment. A concert ticket from Micheal Jackson’s tour may not physical last for a very long time, but that’s not what matter. What matters is the experience through the ephemera. I think it’s actually good that the item is temporary because it reflects the moment. The moment didn’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the best moment of my life. Everything we experience in life has value some have.

The only difference between art seeing by many people and few people is the art’s purpose. Art is very subjective and it’s up to the artist self to decide if it’s something worth sharing with the world or not. Often that’s the point of an artist – to share their work with most possible people, but if there’s something very personal and internal, they may want to only share it with those who understand or who it’s made for. This can, however, be as much art as the art showed for the public.

Although I appreciate our technology, I think Snapchat can ruin the importance of what’s being sent. It’s viewed so fast and so much are shared through Snapchat several times a day that it’s not viewed as important. An ACP takes time, which may be a bad thing or it can just mean that it mean so much and the waiting itself hypes up our personal feelings.

I do believe an ACP have more value or “love” in many cases like the fact that you’ve used more time making it and sending it compared to Snapchat. However, many people can find Snapchat as more entertaining because much of it is meant for exactly that.



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