Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: Scry Baby

Media: Lithography, Litho Crayon, Gum Arabic, Nitric Ccid, Screen Printing, Squeegee, Ink, Watercolor Transparent

Gallery: SOA Galleries

Website: http://www.facebook.com/klart760

Instagram: @klart760

About The Artist

Kelvin Lopez is an undergraduate artist from San Diego who is in his last semester for completing his BFA in printmaking here at Cal State Long Beach. Because of his BFA, you can tell that he is taking art very seriously as the Bachelor of Fine Arts are an intensive degree towards a specialization field. Before he came here, he studied drawing and painting at a community college. The community college was a good fit for him because of all the resources he had there.

Lopez has always been interested in art, even though he didn’t see himself as good art in the beginning. Many students were really good, which encouraged him to take more classes and learn about his art skills. He took some art classes in high school, which led him to taking even more classes and eventually pursuing his dream as an artist in college. In addition to his love for art, he has love for his two dogs who are a mix og Siberian Husky and German sheperd. Drinking beer, festivals and collecting crystals are also some of his interest, where the crystals are reflecting his work that we will explore more of in a the next section.

Formal Analysis

Kelvin Lopez’ exhibition “Scry Baby” is an work of art consisting of crystals and printmaking. The entire exhibition is based on crystals – from collecting crystals as young and his printmaking with crystals as a repetutatve shape in all of his prints. The crystals varies in size, shape and colors just the prins. The crystals however are more alike because crystals are materials that is already made in comparison to his prints where you literally have no limits. His crystals are white, purple and grey/black and are placed on three different levels of tables depending on the size. The first table with crystals consists of six small crystals, the second one of three medium-size crystals and the last, one big crystal.

The other part of the exhibition – his prints are two dimensional prints that is a vizualization through crystals. His printmaking is made with layers or one layer (lithograph). It all depends on what you want to create. One of the rules he has with his printmaking is that the layers must be precise, meaning that it must be aligned. In his prints we can see different colors, from watercolor to no color, as a combination of the crystals and often an additionl photo. It can look like every print has different geometric forms, and they somewhat do – but this is more the illusion of the crystal that these prints are shaped into.

Photo, left: One close up photo of one of his prints. Simple and abstract print, showing several layers combined with several colors and lines – vizualies the crystal. Photo, right: An overview of the gallery, showing each of the different levels of crystals with the prints in the back.

Content Analysis

Now we have talked about the outer idea, but what is message behind this? To understand this, we need to have some backgroud information about the artist. As stated in his summary about this exhibition, the exhibition is made to discover hidden knowledge or visions through crystals. To understand what this mean, I did some research on the Exhibition name “Scry Baby”. Scry was already an unknown word for me, which made much more sense after I found out about it. Scry or scrying is the practice of looking into a suitable medium in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrying, 02/12/17). When first looking at the prints, it was difficult to find the message behind this because most of the prints were abstract and didn’t have much concrete existence. However, one print made me change my mind.


This photo shows the artist today and as a kid, both in a faded crystal, which made me think this exhibiton is about his childhood or about his life and everything he has been through. When taking to Lopez he explained that the idea with the crystals and scry is to see into the future of his youth to symbolize the idea of scrying. He added that he got his inspiration from his ex-girlfriend who introduced him to onyx crystals. Each crystal has an indivdual belief and these crystals made him realize that all your desire will come true. The crystals are obviosuly playing a big part in this exhibition and his artwork, and the idea that there are more to life then what you think. As he mentioned about the crystals and scrying, life is about perspective and reflecting your own thoughts into your own belief.

Synthesis/My Experience

This exhibition made an impact on me that I thought it wouldn’t have. At first, I thought this was one of the many exhibitions I’ve seen before – abstract art with no meaning. However, when I started reading into the meaning behind the crystals it made me so interested I read about several meanings behind different crystals. The onyx crystal that Lopez was first introduced for is only one of many intersting crystals. The idea is very interesting, especially for a dreamer like me. I’d like to believe that all my dreams can come true as long as I’m passionate about it and work hard. The crystals are each protecting us from the bad out there, whether that is bad energy, anxiety or demons.

Another fascinating lesson from this is the meaning and definition behind “Scry”. As mentioned earlier in this post, scry is to foretell a hope of message or vision. Even though I don’t believe you can look into something and get the concrete act of what’s going to happen, I do believe the message is important. Believing that you can do it and that looking into your future with a minset that you are capable of getting everything you ever wished for as long as you work hard. As an artist myself (different art form) I have the same type of goal – to inspire others to believe in themselves, which is what I now have gained from this exhibition. We are more alike then we are different. photo-feb-08-14-34-34



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