Week 2: Landscapes with a Corpse

For this project “Landscapes with a Corpse” we were going to create a setting of our death. We were going to create a setting where we explained how this happened, why this happened and what led to this happening. We were going to show to or more photos to illustrate two different perspectives on the same story.

I decided to create a scene that was related to my own personal life so that I could relate better. This scene is about a young girl who is on her phone with her friend, too distracted by the call and surroundings around her that she loses track of what matters in that moment – her life. She didn’t pay attention to the car that was hitting her, which resulted in her death.


The first photo shows us the car and the dead girl (me) on the ground with her phone in her hand. This perspective is from a stranger’s eye, randomly passion by and seeing what just happened. I chose dark colors, mostly black and gray because I wanted to portray the sadness and tragedy of this event. The weather was perfect because it had just been raining which you can see on the wet ground and the water drops on the car, which is another effect I wanted to use in this photo.                                                                                       The core idea of this death is that we get easily distracted by the world out there and things that don’t really matter. This photo reflects how you can lose yourself if you’re paying attention to the wrong thing. Our society is always going to try to distract us with what’s the best for them, but not for you. We can see that in the news today – how many articles are portrayed in a manipulate way. Even people you know can be a distraction. The message in this project is to have your prioritizing right and don’t let anyone make you lose your focus on what’s really matter.


The second photo portrays the same event but is taken from another perspective. This photo is more artistic and abstract because it’s supposed to be messy, which is a metaphor for what’s happening. The photo has abnormal proportions on purpose because it’s looking like the car is almost falling down on the model. I did this to show how messed up this tragedy is – a reflection of our broken society today.

This project was really interesting because it let us open our creative minds and creative something new. I’ve never made anything like this, nor have I ever thought about a photo like this. That made me challenge myself and think in a way that I’m not used to. If there’s anything I could have done differently is making it even more dramatic, with preferably fake blood or dirt so it would really look like an accident. However, my resources were short and I’m still pretty happy about the result.



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