2 – Plaster Casting Project

For our first project – The Plaster Casting Project we were going to make a mold of our hand or foot in the sand with the use of plaster, sand, and water. I went to Seal Beach with a friend and classmate of mine, Angela. It was an amazing Sunday with a warm and sunny weather, the perfect day for going to the beach! Here are the steps of what we did.

  1. Pick a spot and dig a hole in the sand

When we first started to dig, we realized it was too dry so we moved closer to the beach. However, when we came closer to the beach and we thought we had found a better place, the waves ruined our hole so we needed to move our spot again. Finally, we had found the perfect spot to dig a hole so we started.


2. Insert a hand or a foot

Our next step was to insert our hand or foot. I firs tried my arm, but then found out I wanted to do my foot because the hole was already big enough for it. It took a while before we got the size of the hole right so we had to redo it.



3. Wet sand and pour it around the body part

After we had dug the right size of the hole, we went closer to the ocean to get water/wet sand in the bucket. As we filled up the bucket, the waves came up closer to us and unfortunately neither of us wore a bikini or shorts so we both got wet. We didn’t know how much water or wet sand we were supposed to have, so had to try it out for a couple of times. Another problem we had was that didn’t fill the hole enough so that we had a gap between our toes/fingers. This made our mold weird so we had to do it again. I needed to be very careful when I moved my foot (I only have a photo of my hand because that’s what we tried first)


4. Mix plaster and pour it into the mold

When we had made a shape in the sand, we needed to pour the plaster into it. Before we could do that, we had to mix the plaster with water. We were supposed to have two parts of plaster and one part of water, which we gambled on. We mixed it and poured it slowly into the mold. Now we had to wait for 30 minutes for it to stiff. 


5. Dig out your casting and see the result

Finally, after 30 minutes, our masterpiece was done. We needed to dig around the mold to not ruin it, which was somewhat complicated, but we managed to get it out alive. After we carved out our casting without breaking it, we dug it up and brushed off the sand. I was surprised at the result and thought we did a pretty good job for our first try!


After the project, Angela and I went to buy a smoothie and walked around Seal Beach, enjoying the rest of this beautiful and hot day!



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